"I was a very lucky person when I discovered Dr. Yates.  An orthopedic Doctor told me that I had to have surgery to have my back fused.   After my first visit of an hour of the most thorough exam I ever had, I left Dr. Yates office knowing that he was going to help me.  My side had very little strength and getting up from a chair was torture.  After reviewing X-Rays and discussing how he was going to proceed with treatment, I began my series of appointments.  After a few visits I told the doctor, I can't explain it, but I feel as though I am walking on air.  My back is staying in place. Treatment with Dr. Yates resulted in my not having to have back fusion and it is is like a miracle.  The strength has come back and  I feel like a new person.  I am very thankful that there is a Dr. Roger Yates, who gives so much to his profession and his patients."  

Forever Grateful,
Lillian D. 

 "I had been plagued with pain for 30 years in my low back, hip and leg.  Medication would relieve the pain temporarily.  When I was first saw Dr. Yates, I was unable to get off the bed without screaming pain and was unable to stand up straight.  Unfortunately, like too many, I was skeptical about chiropractors.  Now faced with the prospect of 3 weeks of hospitalization for total bed rest, I was willing to try anything to avoid it.

After just one week of treatment with Dr. Yates, I was personally amazed at the amount of pain I had been relieved of.  At the start, the pain was so bad that I was not able to climb on and off the treatment table (thus needing to use the motorized table which would gently lower me from a standing position).  After just 6 weeks of treatment, I am almost totally free of pain.  Now I can climb on and off the treatment table, but best of all, I can dance again.

It would really behoove the medical profession to utilize and support the chiropractic specialist in a joint effort to treat patients.  Dr. Yates is not only an effective chiropractor, but a kind and considerate one.  In other words, he's a really great guy."

Ann C.

 "I had a very serious skeletal injury, compounded by years of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue which preceded the acute injury.  I sought care in Chicago and New York without success and received a very devastating diagnosis.  The prognosis was that the nerve damage which I had suffered would lead to lifelong pain. 

Fortunately I did not accept these predictions and was lead to Roger Yates by way of another fine chiropractor who realized that I needed a different sort of care than he could provide.  His intuition that Dr. Yates might the one to help me was a great blessing and eventually allowed me to recover to a state of health that I had thought completely impossible.  I am grateful for the collaboration between health professionals and the fact that it led me at long last to the right person to help me. 

Without Dr. Yates, I am quite certain that my injury and illness would have disabled me permanently and led to countless losses in the quality of my life.  Dr. Yates' technical expertise, combined with his enormous compassion, precision and intensity, worked marvelous and wonderful healing upon my body and my spirit.  Slowly I was reborn while under his care.  I have never failed to leave his office stronger and more hopeful than when I arrived. 

Quite simply, Roger Yates is a healer beyond compare.  He recognizes his own limitations and talents and works constantly to apply the very best methods he knows without ever risking anything which might cause harm.  He accomplishes great improvements in my physical status at the same time as he always exerts himself most tirelessly to restore my own sense of hope and empowerment. 

May all of Dr. Yates' kindnesses and gifts return to him many times over.  I cannot thank him enough for restoring my energy, my strength , and my great joy in daily living."

Keri A.

 The following patient was 2 1/2 months old when she first saws Dr. Yates.   Her story is told by her mother.

"Bryce was an emergency C section and was lifted by the 'vacum thing' on her head. 
When she first saw Dr Yates, she was super colicy, not sleeping and vomiting breast milk.  Dr. Yates discovered cervical, lumbar and thoracic subluxations.  With each visit, she slept longer, screamed less and gained weight.  She is now a funny happy baby and has gained enough weight to be in the average range.  Dr. Yates is so gentle that she actually slept through the treatment on one visit!  Her mother and grandparents are also patients.  This is truly a family practice."

Bryce S.

"Gradually, my back and neck were getting more and more stiff and I  felt lousy all over.  I was on medication for arthritis pain when I first saw Dr. Yates.  When he showed me my X-Rays I was amazed. My spine looked so out of line!  After several treatments, I was much more flexible and nearly all stiffness in my back and neck disappeared

Plus- here is a bonus - Dr. Yates discovered that I had "candida".  Something one gets from taking too many antibiotics.  Whenever I went to a M.D., it seemed I was given a prescription for antibiotics.  I never realized that antibiotics could do harm as well as good.  Eventually I became so lethargic and depressed that I had a hard time functioning normally from day to day.  Dr. Yates put me on a diet of natural foods and supplements.  I never realized how sick I was until I started feeling better a week later.  It was like physically being born again."

Joy L.

Thank you for the miracle you performed last Friday afternoon.  After suffering with a migraine for 3 days, you made it disappear within an hour after my emergency visit to your office.  I can't thank you enough and my husband agrees.  He couldn't get over how quickly my personality changed from being a miserable, crabby person, back to my usual cheery self!  Chiropractic sure can work wonders!"

 Diane J.

   "Was experiencing severe pain from lower back, along buttocks and leg to calf muscle for about 2 months.  Got immediate relief after first visit.  Continued to show gradual improvement.  One month later, all pains are gone.  My overall condition is the best I have felt in years.  Not only my initial pain but also other body pains have been eliminated.  With the pains gone my mental outlook has vastly improved.  Many thanks."

 Bruce C.

 "I sprained my spine while lifting at work and had seen several different doctors, had physical therapy, massage therapy and had been given medication and a back brace to wear.    These things helped temporarily but did not correct the problem  I was very discouraged and depressed and felt like my pain was a condition that I would have the rest of my life.  This chronic pain lasted for 3 years..  After seeing Dr,Yates for one month, I was pain free and felt like a different person.  He helped with my back and also neck problems that were contributing to my back pain that I wasn't even aware of. 

I cannot say enough about Dr. Yates and his staff.  He's educated, caring and very gentle.  I feel wonderful and would recommend him to anyone.  Thank you Dr. Yates.  You changed my life."

 Anne R.

"Thank you all for your part in my continued good health these past few months.  I love going to the doctor and being with the staff when I'm not sick, but staying well.  You are all truly healers."

"With superior knowledge the physicians cure before the illness is manifested...with inferior knowledge the physician can attempt to care for the illness he was unable to prevent."

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Lisa M.

 "Experiencing 3 years of extreme pain in hips.  Was on several different medications for arthritis and was told I would need a hip replacement.  Dr. Yates straightened this condition in one visit and in 6 years here have been no hip problems.  I love him, he's a great guy, just do as he says."

 Phyllis S.

"With many thanks for all your concern and assistance.  My experiences there have changed my views
  of health care forever.

Rosalind W.

   "I was suffering from severe pain and stiffness of left knee and pain in right shoulder for 2 years before I saw Dr. Yates.  I had been to an orthopedic surgeon.  My first visit to Dr. Yates was my first experience with chiropractic.  My fears of wrenching and bone crushing were quickly dispelled.  The pain in my knee was crippling and within a couple of months, I recovered without drugs or surgery.  By seeing the doctor on a maintenance schedule I feel good as new.  In my opinion, simply a miracle.  My hat's off to Dr. Yates and his most professional staff for showing me this most effective way to good health."

 Lincoln E.

  "I have abused my body in ways unknown to most people.  I came to Dr. Yates after 6 months of extreme pain.  He had X-Rays taken and explained my condition.  He at no time made any promises of what he could do, only that he felt he could help my condition.  His honesty with me impressed me no end.  With each manipulation of my back, he explained what and why.  It has been a steady road of recovery for me.  Now after 2 months without oral or injected drugs (as had been prescribed in past),  I can lick the world again!!  This region is fortunate to have a man of his knowledge and ability among us.  Both the man and his entire staff display a refreshing degree of professionalism.  Just having a belief in these people and what they may accomplish for you has worked wonders for me.  Good luck!"

Fred P.